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Why the LEC?

  Your company is counting on a successful laboratory automation implementation, and you've discovered that LIMS are complex systems. Today's commercial LIMS must be able accommodate a large variety of laboratory operations, and this means they are loaded with functionality.

What functionality do you implement? How long will it take? What training does your staff require? What will it cost?

These are typical customer questions when it comes to LIMS implementations. The LEC can help you keep your project on time, on budget, and within specification.

The LEC can analyze your business needs and design a laboratory information workflow that will result in a LIMS implementation that reflects your business environment.

  LEC will ensure that you implement only the LIMS functionality that is justified by your business requirements. We help you meet your goal of fiscal responsibility by keeping your project focused.

  LEC is a "cradle to grave" consulting group; we will stay with you from requirements through implementation and support. The LEC is not an organization that will conduct a so-called "requirements analysis", and leave the implementation to someone else. LEC eliminates that significant risk to your company by providing project continuity. Because the LEC shares your goal of project success, we form a long-term teaming relationship with your company, and will guide you through all phases of the implementation process.

Working with the LEC brings experience to your company; we can implement systems without the applications "ramp up" time and expense that your own resources may require, and you don't have hire specific expertise to staff your project.

Unlike many consulting organizations, the LEC believes that there should be a transfer of knowledge. We will help you as long as you need our team, we will help your own internal resources develop expertise with the system so your company may become self-sufficient, if that is your strategy.

  You will also benefit from our understanding of laboratories and laboratory management. Most of our consultants have worked in LIMS and laboratory automation for more than 10 years, many have degrees in the sciences to supplement their computer skills. That means that we speak the language of the laboratory, as well as the computer room.

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