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Laboratory Expertise Center, Inc.

Laboratory Expertise Center was a name coined by Randy Hice in 1989 while he was a laboratory automation consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). The informal group was comprised of a small number of DEC employees spread across several geographies and organizations. In 1994, two of the DEC Laboratory Expertise Center employees (one of which was Randy Hice) left Digital to incorporate Laboratory Expertise Center, Inc. (LEC) in Illinois,. In 1996, Randy acquired LEC outright, became its president, and moved the company to the Atlanta area where he began to build the consulting team that currently boasts some of the top experts in the world.

Originally, LEC specialized in laboratory workflow analysis where they had pioneered the technique as a tool for defining LIMS system requirements, and aided customers in system selection. The LEC Application Decision Matrix was developed as a tool for mapping desired TO-BE workflow operations to candidate LIMS functionality as a means of selecting systems, or limiting project scope to critical areas.

With the move to Atlanta, LEC began to branch out into LIMS design and implementation services, and the LEC team began to grow. With a proven track record of successful LIMS implementation projects, LEC pushed forward into LIMS validation services, instrument interfacing, and innovative wireless LAN client/server architectures that changed the way customers configure their laboratory landscape.

In addition to the Georgia headquarters, LEC has consultant offices located in Texas, California, Illinois, Florida, and Kansas. In the New Year, LEC will be constructing a new headquarters in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL area to take advantage of the strong technology base located there.

LECís phenomenal  success has not gone unnoticed. They have served as Keynote Speakers at the International LIMS Conference, Chaired the LIMS Symposium at the Pittsburgh Conference, and have been invited to share their views and methodologies at conferences in the U.S., Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland. LECís success has also created demand for their services, and LEC continues to add individuals with exceptional abilities to their team to meet that demand.

LEC has always maintained that "Less is More", in other words, we suggest moderation when undertaking complex laboratory automation projects, and we serve to guide our customers to the system designs that conserve project budgets while delivering maximum functionality. As we move into the Millennium, perhaps youíll consider LEC as your partner in your laboratory automation projects.

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