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You may have already heard about the LEC. We have been honored with invitations to speak at several prestigious events. We delivered the Keynote Address at the 1994 International LIMS Conference.  Perhaps you attended the 1995 Pittsburgh Conference in New Orleans where we chaired the LIMS Symposium. You may have attended our workshop on Laboratory Workflow Analysis that was presented at the 1995 International LIMS Conference in Bonn, Germany. LabSystems asked us to speak at their 1995 International User Group Conference in Key West. Perkin Elmer Corporation invited LEC to deliver their keynote address at their 1997 International User Group Meeting. LEC also presented at the 1997 International LIMS Conference in The Hague, Netherlands. At the 1999 International LIMS Conference in Basel, Switzerland, LEC presented a heavily-attended session on future trends in LIMS. The LEC was invited to present at the 1999 LIMS Conference sponsored by the Institute for International Research in Las Vegas. LEC has been honored with these invitations because we produce results with our methodologies, and are recognized for our innovative approach to laboratory automation and implementation. Click to see our client list.

  The LEC Consultants are laboratory automation experts who have worked "in the trenches" for years implementing LIMS, instrument interfacing, and related automation technology. Our consultants have the unique hybridized backgrounds of laboratory knowledge, LIMS experience, and computer science that are required for your laboratory automation project. We believe that an understanding of the science behind the laboratory operation is essential to focusing your implementation, and reduce costs.

  We focus on Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), and we also provide expertise in all forms of laboratory automation projects.

  We have helped customers in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochem, Food & Beverage, Clinical, and Nuclear industries. We have the most versatile background in the industry when it comes to laboratory automation.

  Please check out our monthly column by Randy Hice in Scientific Computing and Instrumentation Magazine
or click to read about the history of the LEC.

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